Follow these steps to connect Paylocity to your CData Connect Cloud account:

  1. Open the Connections page of the CData Connect Cloud dashboard.

  2. Click + Add Connection in the upper-right corner.

  3. Type Paylocity into the search field, then click the data source name.

  4. On the Basic Settings tab of the new connection, enter a connection name or keep the default name.

  5. Enter the following information:

    • Company Id—the Company Id used when logging into your Paylocity account. This value also appears in the top left corner of any application within Paylocity after you log in.

    • RSA Public Key—the RSA key associated with your Paylocity account.

    • Key—(Optional) the base64-encoded AES symmetric key used to encrypt CData Connect Cloud content.

    • IV—(Optional) the base64-encoded AES initialization vector (IV) to use when encrypting content.

    • Use Pay Entry API—whether the connection should access the Pay Entry API instead of the standard CData Connect Cloud API. Please note that the functionality and support for this feature is limited.

  6. At the top of the CData Connect Cloud Add Paylocity Connection page, click Save & Test.

    • If the connection test succeeds, a message indicates that your connection has been created.

    • If the connection test fails, ensure that you entered your login information correctly with no stray spaces or other characters. Then, try again.

More Information

For more information about interactions between CData Connect Cloud and Paylocity, see this information page.