CData provides custom plugins and drivers to connect popular Client Tools to your data sources in CData Connect. For Client Tools that do not have these custom plugins or drivers, you can connect to your data through the endpoints outlined below.


CData Connect provides a full-featured REST API that allows any REST-compatible application or client tool capable of creating HTTP requests to query data, perform batch operations, and execute stored procedures across all data sources configured in your account. This API is based on a JSON-formatted API.


CData Connect exposes an OData API which adheres to the OData v4 specification. This allows cients that can consume OData APIs to easily integrate with CData Connect. Through the CData Connect virtual datasets feature, you can customize the data you surface to Client Tools and create a single endpoint for any client tool that supports OData connections.

Refer to the OData overview page for more information about configuring and using the OData protocol.


CData Connect supports the OpenAPI specification version 2.0 and 3.0, allowing you to connect no-code/low-code applications that integrate with OpenAPI easily. CData Connect allows you to download an OpenAPI document from a workspace. You can then import the OpenAPI document into applications that support OpenAPI.