You must connect a data source to your CData Connect account. See Connections for more information.

Connecting to CData Connect

To establish a connection from APOS to the CData Connect Virtual SQL Server API, follow these steps.

  1. Log in to APOS Live Data Gateway Manager.

  2. In the APOS Live Data Gateway Manager, click Add.

  3. Enter the connection information in the Connection tab of the dialog that appears.
    • Data source—select Database
    • Database—select JDBC Generic
    • Connection String—supply the connection string information in this format, where databaseName is the name of a configured connection in CData Connect Cloud: jdbc:sqlserver://tds.cdata.com:14333;databaseName=MyConnectionName;
    • Driver Class—set to com.CData.connect.Driver (this should be set by default)
  4. Click Test Connection.

  5. Click Save and give your connection a unique prefix.

Once your connection is created, it appears in the Available Connection table. Now you can use it to create semantic layer views in the APOS Live Data Gateway Web UI.