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This page outlines the steps to install and configure the CData Connect connector for IBM Cognos. After installation, IBM Cognos will be able to pull data from sources that you have connected to your CData Connect account.


Before you can configure and use IBM Cognos with CData Connect, you must first connect a data source to your CData Connect account. See Connections for more information.

You must also generate a Personal Access Token (PAT) on the Settings page. Copy this down, as it acts as your password during authentication.

Connecting to CData Connect

After you have completed the prerequisites above, follow the steps below:

  1. Download the CData Connect JDBC driver from the Client Tools page and install it to the <cognos>\drivers directory.

  2. Open IBM Cognos and navigate to Manage > Data server connections.

  3. Click the icon to add a data server.

  4. Select CData Connect Cloud.

  5. In the connection editor, enter the JDBC URL to the CData Connect server. See the IBM Cognos documentation for more information.

  6. In the username field, enter your CData Connect username. This is displayed in the top-right corner of the CData Connect interface. For example,

  7. In the password field, enter the PAT you generated on the Settings page.

  8. Save the connection definition.

  9. Click Test to confirm that the connection succeeds.

More Information

For more information about using Cognos Analytics, please refer to the Cognos Analytics documentation. The pages below contain information that pertains to CData Connect: